How Cracked Windshields Can Lead To Distracted Driving

Cracked Windshield Training In Driving School

Many drivers are prone to ignore a crack in the windshield of their car. After all, there is nothing serious about it – no need to have the windshield replaced just for that reason. And yet, you should do just that, because a cracked windshield can put you at risk while driving, and the driving school in Lakewood and other cities will not allow you to drive with a crack windshield.


The risk is called distracted driving and it can lead to fatal accidents. Here is how it can happen:


  1. A Crack In the Line of Vision – Reduced Visibility

A mere crack on the windshield straight into your line of vision can cause you to fail to see an approaching vehicle out of control. Or, you may notice an obstacle (fallen tree, landslide) when it is too late to safely break and avoid collision.


  1. Cracks Reflect Sunlight and Create a Glare

A reflected sunray straight into your eye is a glare and it can cause you blindness for a few seconds. However, that’s how long it takes to hit another car, an obstacle or fail to avoid a pedestrian crossing the road.


  1. Your Eyes Will Automatically Focus on the Crack

Even if your crack is not in your direct line of vision, your eyes will be drawn towards it. This is something you cannot control. If you don’t believe it, try a small experiment: draw a dot with a pen on the side of your nose – your eye on the corresponding side will automatically focus on the dot, not straight ahead of you.