How Driving Rules Have Changed Over the Years

Driving Rules

Initially, when automobiles were introduced, a man with a red flag was required to walk in front of the vehicle to inform people in the area about the passing vehicle. The rule was abandoned a long time ago, but this is not the only change that has come about in US driving regulations since the early days – here are some more:

  • Speed limits – limitations regarding the speed of driving in residential areas and on roads have been introduced in the 1860’s and for a long while the limits were modified upwards, but for a few decades, road regulations are becoming stricter, with speed limits reduced almost every year.
  • Vehicles are no longer allowed to transport load that protrudes from the rear of the vehicle – the law was introduced in 1999, until then police officers could decide whether the load was safe or not to transport.
  • Seatbelts – until 2012, passengers in the back were not required to wear a seatbelt, but since then everyone in the car needs to buckle up. This also means that you are no longer allowed to transport more people in the car than the vehicle has been designed for.
  • Using mobile phones for texting or speaking while driving – a big no-no that became such a strict restriction only a few years ago.

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