How Have Driver’s Tests Actually Changed Over the Past Decade?

The Past Decade

Road tests have been around for almost a century, and it stands to reason that a lot of changes were made throughout the years. For example, up to 1975, people taking the driving test also had to prove their knowledge of hand signals, regardless of whether they used cars or bikes.


The test required to get your driver’s license has actually changed quite a bit since 2008. For example, the advancement of modern technology and the technology present inside vehicles today – such as advanced safety and automation features – have changed the name of the game. Today, drivers also have a lot of distractions, and the focus on testing your knowledge of preventive driving is greater than it was in the past.


One major change has to do with texting while driving laws. Even though 10 years ago, these laws weren’t considered as important, since not everyone had advanced mobile phones and the iPhone barely came out, today just about everyone has a smartphone, and the number of car crashes caused by texting has also grown.


More emphasis is also made when it comes to the importance of driving responsibly and aiming to prevent a crash, rather than just driving “naturally.” Preventive driving is the order of the day, and the best drivers that have taken driving lessons Orange County area are considered those who can use it on a constant basis.