How Much Driving Time Is Typical Before One Gets Their License?

There is a significant difference between driving a vehicle with automatic transmission and one with a manual transmission, and this difference is reflected in how quickly you can learn the basics of driving a car. Manual transmission is definitely more challenging, but in both cases, you must take time to learn a multi-tasking activity, educate new skills and situational awareness. That’s not easy at all.

Drive Time

There will always be that one person who brags about learning to drive in just a few hours, but it is not wise to listen to such things. If you check official data from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, you will see that it takes 40-50 hours of lessons plus 22 hours of assisted driving for driving schools in Orange County is standard, in order to learn how to drive in the current traffic conditions.

You can also take intensive courses, but the overall effort will be the same. You need time and practice if you want to become a driver, plus a lot of responsibility, if you take pride in being a good driver.

Once you become comfortable behind the wheel, you must also pass the 40 minutes road test in order to get your driver`s license.