How Parents Can Help Their Teen Drivers Be Safe

Good, Better, Best

Parents can provide valuable driving instruction for their teen kids in the process of acquiring their driving license. If you are a parent and also an experienced driver, but you need some help to put together the best learning material for your child, here are a few things that you need to teach your child about to make sure he or she becomes a focused and responsible driver:

  • Night-time driving – driving after darkness falls poses some special challenges, such as poor visibility or focusing difficulties. Try to practice night-time driving with your child in the city and outside of it as well to give him or her time to get used to the situation and to become confident. You can also have that be a focus from a driving school in Orange County for your teen.
  • Driving in bad weather – give your child a driving lesson when the weather outside turns bad to show him or her a few tricks about what to do when the car enters a skid or how to drive in heavy rain or thick fog.
  • Draw your teen child’s attention to other safety issues – the dangers of texting and of other distractions in the car, the importance of wearing the seatbelt, the enormous dangers of driving under influence cannot be sufficiently stressed, so have at least one serious conversation with your teen driver about these issues.