How Should You Talk to Your Teen About Listening to Audio Books While Driving?

Tips On Audio Book ListeningWhile listening to lively music can be a strong catalyst to help some people feel more confident on the road and pay better attention,  audiobooks often have the opposirte effect. The intellectual effort of paying attention to some audiobooks while driving can be manageable if you’re already a fairly good and experienced driver. However,  for a beginner,  this isn’t recommended, according to instructors for driving Lessons Orange County.

When it comes to telling your teen about these facts,  it is possible that you could meet some resistance from them,  even if they know that what you’re saying makes sense. So the best thing to do is avoid approaching the topic as a lecture.

Instead,  try to be friendly and open to suggestions while being firm on your position that its most important for them to keep safe while driving. Some teens might still voice objections at this point. In that case,  the most helpful thing to do is to play the role of the concerned parent. Its easy,  because that is who you are already.

Although in some cases, teens tend to think their parents are “uncool” the truth is actually the opposite. So even if you outright tell them that listening to audiobooks while driving is wrong, they will still respect your opinion and you’ll find they are a lot less reckless and better able to follow the practical guidelines of preventive driving experts.