How to De-Ice Your Windows

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During the winter months, it is not uncommon to find your car`s windows covered by ice. De-icing them can be a pretty cool experience (literally!), that may or may not make you freeze outside, while working on removing the ice. So, let`s review the ways to do this job properly.

Using the car`s heating system. This is probably the most common and convenient method. The heating system can remove ice from the windscreen in a little while (it takes no longer than 20 minutes). The disadvantage is that you cannot use it without starting the engine, and this means additional fuel consumption.

Using a scraper. The traditional method of removing ice from your car`s windows involves using a scraper – a tool that should exist in any car. On average, de-icing your windows using this method can take as long as using the heating system, but the disadvantage is that it is manual and requires your presence outside, in the cold.

Using a special de-icing solution.  For those who do not have much time to waste, there are special solutions based on isopropyl alcohol, which is a very efficient defrosting agent. If you prefer something homemade, you can mix vinegar and water (3: 1 ratio) in a sprayer and use it on the frozen windows.

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