How to Effectively Talk to Your Teen About Aggressive Driving

Take Aggressive Driving Classes At Local Driving School

Teenagers tend to be reckless to the point of becoming aggressive on the road just because they’ve had a bad day. However, as a parent, it’s very important for you to try to tame that aggression and help them channel it elsewhere, as well as to help them understand the danger they may pose to themselves and to others on the road, by allowing their aggression to roam freely.


The first thing you can say is that any advice you give them is solely meant for their own benefit. Make sure you approach them at a time when they are feeling relatively balanced and are likely to be receptive to what you say. Then proceed to tell them that preventive driving is the safer path and that being aggressive behind the wheel can be extremely dangerous.  Have them take preventative driving classes at a Lakewood driving school from the start so they can avoid these situations in the first place.


If they have the type of personality to listen to facts and figures, get online and print out some figures about the scientific reasons why aggressive driving is hazardous. If, on the other hand, they respond better to empathy and emotion, then show them cases of teens who have lost control because of driving aggressively.


There are also constructive ways to help, for example by giving them an alternative to expressing and releasing powerful, aggressive emotions such as anger and frustration. Art, painting, writing, social events, building and crafting can go a long way toward that end, especially if their parent is right there next to them.