How to Find the Best Teen-Friendly Car Insurance Policies

Teen Vehicle Insurance Policy

Most teens can’t wait to receive their driver’s license and to get a car and be independent. There is one aspect, though, that teenage drivers don’t care too much about, leaving it for their parents to arrange and that is the insurance. You can lower the rates by having your teen enroll in driving classes in Orange County CA.  Teen drivers are generally considered to pose a higher risk of accidents than adults, which makes teen insurance policies quite expensive. However, that does not mean that you can only buy expensive insurance for your teen driver – here is how to find the best policy:

  • Check the policies offered by smaller insurance companies – they tend to offer more favorable terms for teenage drivers than the largest insurers.
  • Consider adding the teen driver in your family to the family policy rather than buying your child a separate policy.
  • If your child has taken a driver’s course in an institution that provides driver’s education, look for an insurer that provides discounts for those who attended a driver’s course.
  • Get the widest coverage – it is important to get your child the most comprehensive insurance available. Try to include not only collision protection and the other types of state-mandated coverage, but coverage for mechanical breakdown as well, especially if your child will be driving an older vehicle.