How to Improve Your Driving Experience and Make the Most of a Long Commute

Tips To Improve

So you just found a great workplace and your new job is paid very well. The downside is that it’s located about an hour away from your home and the commute is difficult to deal with, especially during the winter. Fortunately, there are a few interesting measures you can take to make the most of your long commute and get your car looking and feeling great in the process:


  • Consider ordering some extra features if you’re buying a new car, or having them added as upgrades as time goes by. You might consider, for example, touch controls for your stereo and phone system, better controls for your AC and heating, and memory controls for your heated driver’s seat.
  • Update your playlist. There’s nothing better than to liven up your morning with your favorite tunes. If you don’t particularly enjoy listening to the radio, personalize your playlist by adding your favorite songs and albums and making sure you have a varied enough list for the entire week.
  • Spruce up your car interior, including adding new seat covers, improved accents and finishes for your dashboard and a brand new heated steering wheel cover. These might sound like luxury items, but nowadays they’re a lot cheaper than they used to be. More importantly, they will make you feel right at home as you drive your vehicle.  Just remember what is taught in the driving schools Colorado Springs has to keep focused on the road, not on the gadgets in your car.