How To Know If You Need A Four-Wheel Drive Car

Learning Off Road Skills At A Driving School

Today’s manufacturers are selling more and more four-wheel drive cars. In fact, brands such as BMW have extended the 4×4 option to the full range of cars, including the 7 Series Admiral, which didn`t had it so far. As for the market for SUVs and small crossovers that also have 4×4, we can say it is expanding. In other words, the world wants whole-wheel drive. But why?

Better demeanor

A 4×4 drive car has a center of gravity lower than one with only front or rear wheel drive. This means a better road demeanor in the case of turns and reduced oscillation. So, if you are looking for sportiness, the integral drive is what you want.

Increased safety

When driving a 4×4 car on a twisted road, covered by ice and snow, you are more likely to regain control of the car if you lose it.  Of course if you are new to Colorado, going to a Lakewood driving school can help teach you how to react to these type of situations.

Greater adherence

Besides the safety factor, which automatically includes a better control of the car on slippery surfaces, a four-wheel drive car also provide increased adherence and go where other cars can`t go, without getting bogged down.


Besides these advantages, there are also some downsides that you should consider when planning to buy a 4×4: higher consumption and higher price, even if it is second hand.