How To Know When It’s Time To Change Your Tires

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Tires should be changed when the depth of the treads is no longer suitable for circulating safely. When your tires tread reaches 4/32 inch deep, you should start monitoring them. At 3/32″, you must consider replacing them soon. If tread is less than 2/32″, you have to change your tires immediately.

One of the best methods to assess your tread depth is by making the penny test. Simply insert a penny into the tread groove. Lincoln’s head has to be upside down and facing you. You know that your tread depth is less than acceptable if you can see his head entirely.

But wear is not the only reason to change your tires. Most of the cuts and perforations that may appear in a tire (up to 6.35 mm) can be repaired by qualified personnel, using the methods approved by the tire industry. However, punched tires or cut on the sides, as well as any tire which was used without being properly inflated, or at very low pressures, even for short periods of time, are often damaged beyond the possibility of being repaired and need to be changed.

Tires must be inspected periodically by specialists who remove them from the rim and check their inner layers in order to identify the exact causes of damage and indicate the applicability of the warranty.  You can also learn how to change a tire and just regular car maintenance by taking a class at a driving school in Lakewood area, and others.