How to Learn About Spring Car Maintenance – Teaching Your Teen Drivers

Time For Spring Vehicle Maintenance

So your teenage son or daughter just bought their new car this year or at the end of last year, and they don’t know much about spring car maintenance. As the senior driver in the family, you know all there is to know, but the real question is how do you teach it to them so that they not only learn it effectively, but are also able to do it on their own?


Spring car maintenance is extremely important, since the changing temperatures and conditions of spring can greatly affect the way you drive your car and the way the motor, electric systems and cooling system operates. As a result, it is crucial that your teens know all about it, before they are able to fully take care of their new vehicles.


While teaching them, it’s important to first take it slow and explain each task in detail, as well as why it is necessary. Keep your explanations simple, and more importantly, never skip any steps just because you think they are obvious. Your teen might not have the same knowledge of how their car works as you do, so they would find that very confusing.  You can however find maintenance classes for your teen at driving schools in Denver and surrounding cities to help with the learning.


Finally, make sure you teach them in a practical manner and encourage them to ask questions. By the end of your learning sessions, they should be able to check the oil, measure the battery output or change the tires by themselves, without any help from you.