How to Organize Your Car’s CD Collection for Best Driving Efficiency

Ways To Organize Music CDs

People tend to organize their CD collections in many different ways. While some prefer to organize their music by album, others like to listen by genre, recognizing the fact that they are more likely to enjoy a certain type of music, depending on the road they’re driving on, their mood, or whether or not they’re driving alone.


If you want the best level of efficiency while driving, you’ll normally have to use music that makes you equally relaxed and focus. But is there a specific type of music that induces such a state? The answer, according to most experts, is not really.  When you attend a good Lakewood driving school they will teach you not to listen to music at all to avoid distractions.


The fact is that, depending on your mood and personality, you are more likely to respond well to certain types of music. People with an extroverted personality will get bored easily while listening to soft rock and classical music. In some cases, they can even end up daydreaming or falling asleep on that music, if they’re tired enough.


However, people with a more tender and impressionable personality will not always enjoy listening to hard rock, metal or hip-hop while driving. In fact, they can often get overly stressed and might be more likely to make a mistake.


Ultimately, you have to choose your playlists based on your personality and arrange your CD collection based on the mood you’re most likely to have depending on where you’re driving to. A more relaxed drive might give you more leeway when it comes to the songs you listen to, while being on a stressful journey will usually require something to lighten and relax your mood.