How to Read a Road Map Correctly – The Importance of Classic Road Maps

Old Time Road Maps Are Beneficial To Have

Before Google Maps and all the GPS devices we have today, the good old fashioned road map was the main method that drivers used to navigate unfamiliar territory. Today, most people don’t even have a road map in their glove compartment, but that’s a decision they often regret, since road maps are still extremely important in areas where your internet or GPS signal doesn’t work, or if your phone malfunctions.  In fact, most of the driving schools, including a driving school in Lakewood has added training for the use of GPS devices, and how to use them safely.


A road map is basically like an online map, except for a few small differences. Since it’s on paper, you can’t zoom on it, and you have to use the scale represented on the side to determine how far your location is from a certain point on the map. Also, determining your location can be tricky, because instead of seeing a dot moving around on the map, you have to use reference points, such as a nearby supermarket or a well-known building.


Once you have your location, you need to use a compass to determine which way is North, so you can correlate it with the cardinal points represented on the map. In most cases, this isn’t needed of course, since the name of the street or road you’re on and its direction will be enough. However, if your map is outdated and you’re in an unfamiliar area, a compass will definitely come in handy.