How to Stay Calm When Driving in Bad Weather

Traveling Through Snowstorms & Ice

Bad weather can make driving not only difficult, but downright scary. If you cannot afford to postpone your trip and you must sit behind the wheel even when the road is covered in black ice, there is a thick fog or it is raining, here are some tips to help you stay calm:

  • Slow down – respecting the speed limit is not enough when the weather gets really nasty. You need to reduce your speed to at least 10 mph below the limit for the road or even lower if that makes you feel safer.
  • Keep your distance – maintain a longer distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you to have time to stop safely if the car ahead needs to brake suddenly to avoid an unexpected situation.
  • Skidding – if your car enters a skidding turn, you will need all your calm. Take your foot off the gas pedal and the brakes and steer the car in the direction of the skidding to cancel out the car’s uncontrolled movement and to make the car return to the original direction.

Like in so many other situations in life, calmness comes with experience, and also important driving lessons Orange County offers for your teen is a must.  Going out into the traffic whenever the weather turns nasty may not be the best solutions for your anxieties, so try to find a driving school that provides practical courses that prepare you for emergencies among controlled circumstances.