How to Talk to Your Family About Their Driving Habits

Bad Driving Habits

Family members – and especially teens who have just gotten their driver’s license and obtained a certificate from a driving school in Orange County CA – can be difficult to approach when it comes to talking to them about their driving habits. After all, family matters are often tense at best, and there’s the constant issue of feeling like one family member might act like they know everything. You don’t want to be seen like that, if you want your teen to take you seriously.


Driving habits can be a stressful topic, because each family member has their own approach to driving, and they likely won’t appreciate you interfering with it, even if your intentions are good. However, when it comes to safety, it’s important to do everything in your power to make sure everyone does their best to stay safe on the road.


Try to approach topics like preventive driving and talking on the phone while driving in a more gentle and casual way. Don’t try too hard, and make sure you don’t sound too patronizing. The best approach is to speak about practical situations and talk about cases you’ve heard to back up your claims about the importance of safe driving.


The idea is to pass on the message that preventive driving is important no matter how skilled a driver you are. Even the best drivers in the world aim to stay safe and keep others safe above all else – a feat which, in and of itself, requires a lot of skill and concentration.