How to Talk to Your Teen About Car Registration and Get Them to Become More Independent

For seasoned car owners, car registration is easy enough to understand. You just have to visit your local DMV office, present proof of ownership, fill out a form to give them your information, and pay the registration fees before your car can be registered. However, if you have a teen driver who just bought their first car, you might want to let them handle the registration process themselves, so they can learn to stand on their own two feet.


Now, something as “official” as car registration is likely to intimidate your teenager quite a bit. So, make sure you don’t scare them too much:


  • Present the car registration process as a series of simple steps in a way that they can understand. You can describe the location visually, give examples of times when you had to register past cars, and of course, give each step in detail, so they know what to do.
  • Avoid vague instructions. When someone explains something you don’t understand, there’s nothing worse than having them explain something vaguely and expect you to understand it.
  • Speak clearly and invite your teen to interrupt and ask questions. If they feel too uncomfortable to do so, consider asking things like, “do you understand how it goes so far” or “is there anything you don’t get?”


Just being available and willing to help will often help your teenager feel at ease. So don’t worry too much and have faith in your skills as a parent/teacher. But even more importantly, have faith in your teen. It will give them wings in even the most challenging and stressful situations.  Find driving classes and vehicle instruction at