How to Talk to Your Teen About Driving Safely at Night

Driving At Night Discussions With MomWhen it comes to driving,  your teenager might already have the basics down, or attended a driving school in Orange County recently,  but that doesn’t mean he/she knows it all. Night driving is especially challanging for young beginners,  and staying alert at all times might not be one of their main strong points. Nevertheless,  in the interest of keeping your teen from becoming too afraid and making sure that she retains herhigh confidence levels,  a gentle and positive approach of the subject is necessary.

The first thing you have to start with is a gentle breakdown of the facts. Night time driving offers less visibility and a lot of unwanted surprises can arise, including cars with broken headlights,  speeding drivers,  drunk drivers hoping they won’t get caught and illusive corners that don’t tell you how hard to break before tackling them.

Once your teen has the facts,  it’s important to give them the scoop about preventive driving and make them feel empowered about it. As you reveal all the things they can do preventively to fend off bad situations,  they will feel much more comfortable and confident, while making sure they are always a few steps ahead of all the other drivers.

The most important thing to tell your teen is that safety comes first,  but that this should become second nature to them. Just like looking in both directions when crossing the street,  preventive driving can become a god habit that just comes naturally.