How to Talk to Your Teen About Safety During Winter Road Trips

Winter Driving Safety

For younger drivers, the wintertime brings along a whole new set of challenges. If your teen just started driving this year, and she never went through the experience of having to go on a winter road trip, then you will have to take some time to discuss the matter with her, and talk about the importance of safety and preventive driving in these types of situations.


When speaking to a teenage driver about safety measures and conditions, you have to be very patient and thorough. Some young drivers tend to be distracted, impressionable and emotional, and they can also forget some very important aspects of driving safely, even after you explain it to them. As a result, the general tendency should be to act as carefree and relaxed as possible, while making sure you impart all the knowledge they need and putting a positive spin on it, while also emphasizing the risks.


Your teen needs to know how dangerous icy roads can be and how important good visibility and slower speeds can be on a snowy road. Moreover, you’ll have to talk to her about using her smartphone while driving and taking frequent breaks during longer road trips.


Winter road trips can be especially challenging, so if your teenager doesn’t feel fully comfortable on the road yet, they should always consider a few practice runs first. Evaluate their progress and give them a few added pointers before letting them go on their own, or have them attend a winter driving class at