Importance of Knowing What “New Traffic Pattern” Means

Traffic Pattern Change Signs

The “New traffic pattern” sign is often seen on the side of the road approaching a section with ongoing road work or around intersections to inform drivers that there is a change in the conditions under which the affected road section can be used. The sign usually indicates road works that restrict or change lane usage or informs about changed road geometry.

The diamond shaped sign with black text and a black boarder, usually on a yellow or orange background is very common, yet it is frequently disregarded by road users. The thorough driving classes in Orange County teach about road signs as part of the course.  The failure to notice the sign usually leads to the failure of acting in a sufficiently cautious manner, which might lead to accidents and damage sustained by the vehicle driven by the reckless driver. The sign might indicate road works that require drivers to slow down or to observe unusual traffic rules, such as using a lane that is normally used by the traffic coming from the opposite direction, therefore it is a very important means of communication that must be paid special attention to. The sign might be seen not only along the roads used by motor vehicles, but on bicycle paths as well, so not only drivers, but also cyclists need to look out for changed road conditions when they see the sign.