MasterDrive Family

Welcome to the Family!

As you will become more aware, The MasterDrive Experience goes far beyond your children’s participation and graduation from our industry leading driver safety program.

We want to establish a lifetime relationship with you and your family, and would like to share with you a few of the benefits now available to you as a MasterDrive Family.

Advance Registration for Future Programs:
You will now be able to register in advance of the general public for any of our special or seasonal half-day or full day programs like Winter Driving Clinics, Test Preparation Lesson, and many other specific MasterDrive programs as they are announced.

Preferential Pricing on new programs, such as the new Parent Coaching Kit:
In 2013, we will be offering our web-based “Parent Coaching Kit” that will provide you with another innovative and valuable tool for you to work with your children during the time they have their permit. You will be using the knowledge and techniques from decades of training teens through the MasterDrive Experience.

Multi-Child Discounts:
We know what it's like to manage a budget with several children in the home. Especially today! MasterDrive Families have access to special pricing consideration when other family members are ready for a MasterDrive Experience. Please understand that the special pricing for siblings of MasterDrive Families are available within certain time frames. You will need to get this valuable information from our Customer Service people.