Teen Training Programs

Saving lives one driver at a time

As parents, each of us has a mental picture of what driver education means to us. Our picture probably involves a bunch of kids in a classroom with simulators, or several kids taking turns with a part time football coach to get the minimum numbers of hours to pass. In a national study by AutoWeek magazine a few years ago, 80% of drivers in this country believe that the typical driver’s ed is a joke.

Driving today requires a different type of preparation. Driving is different. It is very dangerous – dense – hectic – frightening – an environment that literally threatens our survival. Every experienced driver knows this. And yet, there is less preparation and requirements for teens to get a license today than 25 years ago.

So what do you believe needs to be done to prepare your child to become a driver? Do you think your child needs more than the state minimum requirements. Look at The MasterDrive Experience – The New Driver Education.