Winter and Slick Roads Clinics

Saving lives one driver at a time

Whether on ice, snow, rain storms, or just dangerous environments, most people have not had the opportunity to actually learn the special skills to handle these dangerous conditions. Or to protect themselves from other drivers. On any road surface where there are limited units of traction, a driver is typically very nervous and experiences contracted muscles – because they don’t know what to do.

MasterDrive’s Winter Driving Skills Clinics (offered in Colorado) and Slick Road Survival Clinics (offered in Southern California) are the solution.  These three hour clinics are hands on training on the skid pad.  It’s not just watching a video or listening to a lecture – you’ll be on the skid pad in your car practicing skid recoveries, braking techniques, and spin control.

If you have never been on a skid pad, here is your chance! It is the safe place to practice for driving in slick road conditions and learning how to maintain control.

Call your local office to enroll today!
Denver: (303) 627-4447
Colorado Springs: (719) 260-0999
Northern Colorado: (970) 593-6362
Southern California: (949) 341-0031