Is it necessary to have snow tires in Colorado?

When we talk about car tires, we think about the most important components of the car as they ensure adequate cohesion with the road.

Winter Road Conditions

What about winter tires?

Winter tires are especially created for the cold season and provide better road adherence when there is snow, ice formation, on the road surface.  Winter tires are recommended by most of the Colorado Springs driving schools for new drivers, as well as some of the more experienced drivers.

Why do we need to put on winter tires?

These tires are different from all-season tires, because a shorter braking distance is recommended during the cold season. The type of rubber they are made from is more resistant to cold temperatures, and the contact with a cold surface actually soften it and ensures a stronger adhesion.

What are the specific regulations in Colorado about using snow tires?

Colorado is a busy state and things get worse during ski season, along Interstate 70. There are two different types of regulations, implemented by the Department of Transportation.

Under Code 15, during the cold season all passenger vehicles must have snow tires,  M/S rated all-weather tires and Four-wheel drive – all with at least 1/8” tread

There is also Code 16 that applies only during bad winter storms, which requires all passenger vehicles to be equipped with traction devices (such as auto socks or chains) on two drive tires.