Is Road Side Assistance a Good Investment?

MasterDrive Roadside Assistance Maintenance Classes

If you have ever been in a car crash, or your car had a breakdown, you have probably first tried to solve the problem with your own resources and only then to turn to friends or to a specialized towing service to help you transport your car to service.

But what would happen if you were in a hurry to reach an important meeting in another city? Or if you had the whole family or a group of friends with you in the car, to be responsible for? (We do not add horror movie scenarios here, with the car breaking in isolated places, in the middle of the harshest winter and without a mobile or data connection – although, statistically, this happens from time to time…).

The concept of roadside assistance offers more than a tow truck.

The operator taking your call will be able to identify the best technical solution for your car and the most comfortable solution for you and the other passengers. You may need to continue your journey immediately, while your car is leaving for service, you may need overnight accommodation, while you wait for repairs to be completed, or your car may need to be delivered to a city other than the one where you arrive for service. For each of these cases – and for others too! – there is a solution that a roadside assistance service will provide.  Find out what you can do to avoid these type of situations while on the road, and take car maintenance classes at