It’s Important to Winterize Your Car

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In winter, you have to make sure that the car you are driving is working properly and you are safe. So, here are some tips that will help you to winterize your car.

Tires, an important part of the car

Put on your winter tires. When you purchase them, you have two choices: all season tires or tires specially designed for winter weather. Both are legal options, but it is best to invest in winter tires, as they have perfect properties for snow, ice and frost. It is also good to check the pressures of the tires and equip them with chains, especially if you drive on snowy roads.

Make sure the battery is 100% functional

In winter, one of the most solicited car parts is the battery. At low temperatures, starting the engine requires 3 times more power than during summer, which means you need a good quality battery.

Antifreeze, an important element in the cold season

Antifreeze is essential because it does not allow fluids to freeze. You must ensure that this liquid is at the indicated level, otherwise you must add some more.

Full tank!

Make sure you have fuel all the time in the tank, so that you can stay warm in the event of road traffic jams and also reach your destination safely.

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