Knowing Your Car’s Limits When It Comes To Potholes

Take Driving Classes To Learn To Avoid Road Hazards

We all tend to believe that winter is the worst season for driving, but actually when the rain falls in the spring, we have to deal with one of the most problematic elements: potholes. They may not look so scary, but they can surely cause serious damage to your car.  Consider investing in driving classes in orange county to help you avoid those type of road hazards.


What is a pothole?

Potholes are imperfections of the road that form when pavement becomes weak. Sometimes they are minor, and cars can drive over barely sensing them, but other times they grow large and dangerous.

What can they do to your car?

More than $3 billion is paid by American drivers each year to fix their cars damaged by potholes. Here are the most important elements you must check carefully if you hit a pothole:


Tires are in direct contact with the road, so it is not a surprise that a large pothole with hard edges can damage them by slicing the rubber and sometimes even snapping the belts that hold them together.


Potholes can damage a car`s wheels worse than any curb rash and that`s because it applies impact force in a way that may lead to bends or cracks. Sometimes, this type of damage is not repairable and wheels must be replaced.


Although it is designed precisely to absorb impact, there are some limits, and hitting a pothole may be one of them, considering that it has the potential to cause misalignment, damaged shocks or broken ball joints.