Your Teen needs more than a license

They need the skills to stay safe for a lifetime.

They need the MasterDrive Experience.

Why Does your teen need driver training?

This may seem straight forward, but not all parents understand the value and importance of professional training.

Getting a driver’s license is an exciting time for a teen and their family.  However, it can also be a dangerous time. 

More teens are injured and killed in car crashes than the total of all other causes   Why?  Because they were not properly prepared.  


Can’t I just teach them myself?

You’ve taught them how to do almost everything they know, right? And you’ve been driving for years, so why not? Not so fast.

The Problem

What we’ve found in over 35 years of training drivers is that the average parent, although they mean well, ends up passing on unsafe or even illegal driving habits that we end up having to help students unlearn.

Most parents think about skills like using turn signals, parallel parking, and other basics when they are deciding whether or not to get help training their new driver. They believe they can teach those skills and they can, with the right guidance.

Have you ever had your car hydroplane on a wet road or skid out of control? Your heart starts racing. Your whole body tenses up. Maybe you haven’t had to experience that. Most people say they have a handful of times.

Would that small number of experiences allow you to effectively teach your child the lifesaving maneuvers they need to know to regain control of their vehicle in that situation? How?

Did anyone teach you how to do it or did you survive it with luck and adrenaline?

The Solution

The best thing you can do for your new driver is to make sure that they are trained by an expert. They need someone who understands what they need to know to stay safe and how to coach them into confidence.

Learning needs to be hands-on and not just in a classroom or a video. Skills need to be taught and then practiced with plenty of repetition for them to really get ingrained, just like learning a sport or how to play an instrument.

It is important to learn how to handle a vehicle in traffic and on city streets, but before that, it’s essential that those skills are practiced in a safe, controlled environment. This isn’t always easy for parents to provide for basic skills and next to impossible for advanced skills like skid control. 

And finally, we’ve found teens don’t always listen to their parents. We know, you’re shocked. Teaching your teen how to drive doesn’t always go as planned. When they learn from our instructors (and you get specialized guidance to help them practice) it’s a much less stressful ride for everyone. Having a compassionate and qualified expert in your corner can make all the difference!

Why The MasterDrive Experience?

Our Beginnings

We are committed to teaching every student not just what they need to know to pass their test to get a license, but how to stay safe for a lifetime.  Our company was created as a result of a tragic loss. Ronn Langford, our founder, lost his teenage daughter Dorri in a collision with a drunk driver. He vowed to create a driving school that would save lives and protect other parents from the heartbreak of losing a child to an auto accident. This promise is at the heart of everything we do.


The MasterDrive Difference

Our classes and curriculum for every program have been designed by experts with over 50 years of training drivers from teens all the way to professional race car drivers. This expertise sets our programs apart in both quality and content.

MasterDrive’s driving camps provide an opportunity to learn specific car control skills through an experiential learning process.  The brain learns to do by doing – repetitions of specific exercises to program the brain.

Skills such as car control, dynamic control, maneuvering the car in a crisis, and how to control and recover from a skid are all taught and reinforced through repetition. This repetition is critical, just like it is for learning a sport or how to play an instrument. For your child to be great at soccer, you get them a coach. If they want to learn the piano, you hire an expert to teach them. Driving is no different except in one key way, learning the right way can save lives.

The standard driver education program offered by our competition doesn’t offer the same level of practice repetition, skills training, or coaching expertise.

Expert Instruction

Anyone with a driver’s license can teach you to drive – theoretically. However, they risk passing on their bad driving habits. Not only are our coaches excellent drivers, but they are also trained to understand how the brain learns — how skills are programmed into the subconscious mind. They instill the confidence and self-control each student needs to handle crisis situations on the road.

In-Depth Curriculum

Most driving schools teach the minimum to pass the state test and get a license. We know that being legal to drive isn’t enough to keep kids safe in the event of a crisis on the road. The ability to steer out of a skid or avoid danger can’t be learned by watching a video or reading a book. These skills must be learned behind the wheel with the guidance of an expert coach at their side.

Proprietary Tools

People learn best by doing, but with driving, safety is critical. That’s why at MasterDrive we have developed proprietary skid pads and other tools to help students practice hands-on skid control and crash avoidance. This gives new drivers the opportunity to practice skills like skid control in a safe yet realistic environment with the repetitions they need to make safety second nature. 

What we provide

Gain Skills for a Lifetime of Safe Driving

MasterDrive’s extensive programs prepare drivers to respond instinctively to danger. They learn how to handle their vehicle confidently in all conditions, and gain the skills they need to stay safe and in control. These things should be the goal for any parent, not getting them just enough knowledge to pass a driving test to get their license.

Many Options to Choose From

Students come to Masterdrive in different stages of their driving journey.  We offer classroom or self-paced online courses for younger students. Our driving camps give students the ability to master controlling a vehicle in real-world scenarios.  Additionally, we offer court-referred or EDAP (Extended Drivers Awareness Programs), winter driving lessons, even fleet or group training for businesses. 

Save Money On Insurance

Many parents are often surprised how much their insurance rates go up when they add a teen driver to their policy. Thankfully, students who participate in our comprehensive driver’s training programs may be eligible for better rates on car insurance.  The cost of enrolling in one of MasterDrive’s programs may be off-set with many years savings.

Peace of Mind

Parents of the teens who go through our program know that their child has gained the best, most comprehensive training available. As they watch their child meet this milestone, they take comfort in the fact that they have given them the confidence, knowledge, and expertly coached practice that saves lives. What teens learn at MasterDrive will stay with them well into adulthood. They didn’t just get a license, they got the tools and experience all drivers should have.

What People Are Saying

“Masterdrive is simply OUTSTANDING!  They took my teenage good driver and created a GREAT driver.”


“I could not imagine putting my son behind the wheel without sending him to Masterdrive first. It was all about safety, peace of mind and learning to drive the right way the first time. I’m glad I made the right decision.”

– Zaida

“I would recommend Masterdrive to any parent considering options for setting their new teen driver up for success and becoming a proficient and safe driver”

– Jason

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