Looking For A New Car For Your Teen? – Tips and Ideas

Buying A New Car For Your TeenWhen you look for a new car for your teen, your top priority must be SAFETY. Teens are known to be more impulsive and negligent when they drive, which is confirmed by statistics showing that teens are involved in significantly more fatal crashes than adults.

Regardless the type of car you choose (new or used, cheap or expensive), make sure it is as safe as possible and offer it as a gift only after you educated your child to drive responsibly by enrolling them in one of the Colorado Springs driving schools.

Here are some car buying tips for you.

Find the right fit

For teens, a mid-size car is the ideal choice. Large trucks and SUVs can be too much for fledgling drivers, while small cars offer limited protection in the event of an accident.

Make sure the vehicle has safety features

The most important ones are airbags, ESC (electronic stability control) and VSC (vehicle stability control).

New vs. used

There are advantages and disadvantages in both cases. A new car has the latest features and amenities, but it is a big investment and putting such an investment in inexperienced hands is risky. Some parents prefer to wait until their teen gets more driving experience and, in the mean time, they opt for a used car instead of purchasing a new one.

Either way, you should avoid vehicles with high horsepower and, if you buy a second-hand car, make sure you also pay attention to the mileage, check maintenance records and get a pre-purchase inspection.