Manual Versus Automatic Transmissions – Which One Should You Choose?

Automatic vs Manual

Some drivers are fans of automatic transmissions, while others would never drive anything other than cars with manual transmission. Each construction comes with its own benefits, so the choice is entirely a matter of preferences – here are a few aspects that can help you decide.  No matter what your choice is, the Colorado Springs driving schools offer driver education on both.

How Easy the Transmission is to Use?

Automatic transmissions are easier to use than manual gears – with an automatic, the driver needs to select the right position of the gear for parking, reverse, neutral and drive and the system takes care of selecting the gear level suitable for the progress, while manual transmissions require the driver to do all the selection. Young or inexperienced drivers usually find it easier to use automatic transmissions and they are less tiring to use in heavy traffic and on long journeys as well.

Ownership Costs

Manual transmissions being more simple constructions, they are cheaper to maintain, to repair as well as to replace. Cars equipped with manual transmissions weigh less and they have more gear options, aspects that contribute to better fuel efficiency and reduced overall ownership costs.


Manual gear boxes are known to last longer, but that goes only for cars that are driven properly. The incorrect usage of the clutch, shifting gears when it is not necessary or not shifting when it is necessary can damage the transmission beyond repair, so inexperienced drivers or drivers who find it difficult to use the gear stick are better off getting an automatic car.