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Teen Driver Survival – A Coaching Kit for Parents


This is a very unique Coaching Kit for Parents to work with their teen who has a driving permit. It contains more than 10 videos to help parents help their teen become a safer driver.

By state requirement, each teen is required to have their permit for several months with a defined number of hours of training by parents. Most parents say they don’t have a clue in what to do in working with their new teen driver. This is not just a condensed version of the DMV manual. It contains actual strategies for parents to use.


Other Resources:


Parent Teen Contract

The use of the Parent/Teen Contract can help to make the “learning to drive” process a very meaningful “Rite of Passage” process for a new teen driver. We recommend that parents and teen literally sit at the kitchen table and go over the contract in detail, and discuss exactly what it means. And also, that the teen understands that the consequences are taken seriously and will be enforced as it is agreed.


Tires for All Reasons… and Seasons (video)

The selection of the correct tires for various season and conditions is critically important for the safety of the family, because the design purpose and condition of the tires is the grip to the road. You will find this short video very valuable.


Aim High Vision (video)

One of the biggest challenges and most important habits that new need to develop what their eyes need to be doing. Parents will find this video very valuable in helping your teen to be safe, and also helping them NOT drive into others – cars and/or people.


Clutch Lesson

Most cars made today have an automatic transmission. However, many people need or want to learn to drive a standard transmission vehicle. This clutch lesson in strategies to teach a new driver how to drive a standard transmission vehicle is “priceless” – and it will save some wear and tear in your clutch and transmission.


Strategies to Reduce the Dangers of Night Driving (video)

We all know that driving at night is so much more dangerous because visual input to the driver is very limited. New drivers just do not understand this. Parents will appreciate the help in this video in working with their teen. First, it is not just the parent “lecturing” to their teen. And second, the material and strategies presented are reality.