Necessary Car Accessories for New Drivers

Keeping You and Your New Car Safe

New drivers still lack the experience they need for being able to solve emergencies on the road and to be able to carry out difficult movements, such as parallel parking in tight slots and in heavy traffic, so they can probably use any help they can get. Fortunately, there are lots of accessories that can make driving safer and easier for new drivers – here are some:

  • Blind spot mirrors – many modern cars are equipped with a blind spot alert function that notifies the driver when there is someone in the car’s blind spot. However, if you drive an older car that does not include the feature, you can add a small blind spot mirror to the exterior mirrors.
  • A back-up camera – the system needs to be attached to a smart phone to transform the phone into a camera that sees around the car and display real-time images from the rear of the car to assist with parking.
  • A portable battery for jump-starts – even the most experienced and cautious drivers know what it is like to leave the headlights or other consumers on when they stopped the car and to find that the car’s battery is completely depleted. Portable batteries are small devices that you can use to revive your car’s battery in a few seconds. For more new driver tip, visit