Adult Driving Skills

Saving lives one driver at a time


The Driver is the Ultimate Management System of the car. We can invent, research, engineer, and crash test cars, but in order for the car to perform at the level of its design, the driver must learn to perform at his/her highest level.

The Adults Skills Program is a unique and exciting Driver Development Program. It is designed for a broad range of objectives for experienced drivers:

  • Do you believe you need to sharpen your skills to a higher level to learn to defend yourself? Many drivers are simply not very confident in their ability to respond to a crisis while driving.
  • Would you like to be more comfortable while driving, especially in adverse conditions? When conditions are bad, many people begin to contract muscles, hold their breath, and make it almost impossible to respond to that situation. MasterDrive has developed this very effective training to help drivers become more comfortable – especially drivers who may have been in a traumatic crash – to help them overcome that extreme fear.
  • The engineering technology in today’s cars is awesome. Would you like to learn to use this new technology to help save your life? Most people have not had an opportunity to learn to use the systems such as: ABS, New Active Suspension System, Traction Control, and more.

This is an experiential program to learn to use your car’s safety features and safety systems.

There are not many places where you can go experience your car and your skills in a controlled environment.

This course will help you accomplish those things. And it is more fun than you can imagine. You will become a much more confident driver!