Teens with Special Needs

For many years, MasterDrive has stood alone in developing and providing an absolute unique service for anyone who requires special needs in learning to drive. Driving Safety is the ultimate objective of the MasterDrive program, and the safety of a new driver is totally dependent upon the quality of the essential executive functions related to driving.

If a teen has issues in regard to balance … multi-tasking … focus and concentration … issues in regard to understanding and following instructions … visual tracking and processing challenges … reaction time, coordination, etc., he/she will obviously be driving at a high risk.

This typically includes teens who have been defined as ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, High functioning Autism, CP, and other functional challenges. In fact, the crash rate for kids with ADHD is more than 400% higher than other kids. Many of these kids are never able to realize the potential of becoming a driver. As a result, their quality of life is limited.

Ronn Langford has lectured throughout the U. S. and Canada in regard to strategies of working with young people who have a learning or functional difficulty.