Pointers For Talking With Your Teen About What To Do If they’re Pulled Over

What To Do When You Are Pulled Over

There are very few experienced drivers who have never been stopped by police for regular check-ups. But when it comes to the inexperienced teen driver in your family, it is good to tell them what to expect and how to behave in this situation.  You can also have them take driving classes through MasterDrive of Colorado Springs who covers these type of situations in their training.

When you are pulled over by the police, you are obligated to stop the car and remain in the vehicle, keeping your arms on the wheel until the policeman comes near the car. You must also prevent the other passengers from leaving the vehicle during the check-up.

You are entitled to know the name, surname and title of the agent who stopped you, and to find out the reason for this pulling over.  You may simply be required to submit the documents that prove you are driving legally.

If you are accused of violating some road traffic rules, you have the right to request evidence, which will usually be in video format. Also, if the agent files a report, you can disagree with it and note your opinion in that report. You do not have to sign the report if you do not understand the terms. You have the right to be explained everything that the agent writes down.

Keep your calm and use a polite tone in any situation.