Preparing Yourself For Driving Long Distances

Take Driving Classes Before Driving Long Distances

A long car trip can be a pleasure for some drivers and drudgery for others. It is not easy to drive a few thousand kilometers, so you should prepare yourself for such a road trip.

  1. Know your limits

Fatigue is the biggest enemy of a driver, during long distances, especially if the driver is alone in the car. Knowing your limits is very important. Take a break of 10-15 minutes after every 3-4 hours of driving, and when fatigue settles down it is best to stop and get a good sleep.

  1. Plan in advance

Do not drive long roads without a plan. Divide the total distance in portions of several hundred kilometers and follow the plan. Booking accommodation along the road should be done in advance.

  1. Check the car before leaving

A technically perfect car will ensure a smooth ride. Before leaving, make a general check of the engine, oil level, condition of the brakes and especially the tires. Also, the headlamps and wipers should work flawlessly. Don`t forget to fill up the fuel tank before you leave and also along the road if necessary.  For teens and even elderly drivers, take a brush up course at a local driving school in Orange County to be safe.

  1. Have your phone with you

Make sure you have your phone and chargers. The phone is not only necessary for emergency situations, but also for using applications like Waze or Google Maps to safely navigate to your destination.