Safe Road Trip Games to Play in The Car

Family Road Trips

Road trips are definitely among the most exciting ways to get to know your country and to make new friends, but every road trip involves some idle time, when the landscape is not very interesting and there is still a long way to go until you reach the next town. The following games are excellent for making such idle time exciting, too and they are also safe to play in the car:

  • Reading license plates – reading the license plates of the cars around you on the road to find the one that comes from the furthest state is great fun and a good way to refresh your knowledge of the country’s geography without requiring any tool, such as maps or pans;
  • Rock, paper and scissors – this simple game is a timeless classic that will entertain not only the kids on the rear seat, but the adults in the car a well;
  • A scavenger hunt – this one requires a little preparation. Before you leave on the road trip, prepare a list with the items to find looking out from the car while on the road. Get creative with your list and include conventional and easy to find things, such as a barn or a school bus and more unusual items as well. Of course as a driving lessons Denver instructor will tell you, if you are driving you have to leave the games to the passengers while you focus on the road, but you can enjoy their laughter.