Safety Features to Look for in New Cars

Built In Car Safety Features

Safety features are part of the standard equipment of new cars ever since cars are made and they have evolved along with the other systems of motor vehicles. Find out the dynamics and limitations of modern vehicles by attending a driving school in Lakewood and Littleton areas.  With cars becoming more and more powerful with each model year, security features also need to be able to cater for the growing need to be safe in cars, which prompts auto makers to work hard to invent new security functions that protect the drivers and the passengers. Here are a few of the most modern security features to look for in a new car:

  • Airbags – standard features in all cars since 1998, airbags have evolved since they were first introduced. They now come with inflation rates determined by the strength of the impact and in modern cars they are installed not only in the front, but on the sides and in the rear as well.
  • Antilock brakes – they prevent the brakes from locking during hard braking,
  • Traction control – this feature limits wheel spin during acceleration to make launching safe even on icy roads.
  • Stability control – standard equipment since 2012, electronic stability control has been invented to prevent the car from skidding and sliding.
  • Accident avoidance systems – emergency braking, pedestrian detection, forward-collision warning, blind-spot warning, rear cross-traffic alert, lane departure warning and backup cameras are also modern features that you should look for in your new car.