Should Seniors Take Driving Lessons?

Driving Lessons in Orange County For Seniors

These days, having your own car is a necessity, as people are often in the position of running errands, commuting to work etc.

But what about seniors? Should they take driving lessons?

If a person didn`t learned to drive while being young, it is less likely that they will develop the need to take driving lessons Orange County area when they are old. However, exceptions always exists, so we should still try to answer the question “Is it right or not for a senior to drive a car?”

Unfortunately, there is no easy or straight-forward answer, because driving a car at senior age ultimately depends on the health of the individual. In this context, only an honest health assessment can indicate whether taking driving lessons is suitable for a senior.

A health assessment has to evaluate both mental and physical health, to be conclusive. A driver must have good vision, coordination and reflexes, even if they are not in peak physical shape. Someone who struggles with these will have difficulty identifying road signs, hazards and obstacles.

Many seniors also take medications for various illnesses and some of these have side effects that create risks, and the driver can become a threat in traffic.