Should You Consider Talking to Your Teen About Driving too Slow?

Not everyone is the same when they’re behind the wheel. Some drivers have a more dominating, aggressive personality, while others are sometimes too shy to take the initiative. Sadly, the latter option is one that can get you into a lot of trouble if, for example, you end up driving too slowly. If your teen is in such a predicament, it’s important to know how and when to approach them about it.


Your teen might be shy or might have an uncertain personality that leads them to drive slower to try to avoid accidents or just to keep a low profile. Unfortunately, a slow driver will usually attract a lot of unwanted attention in an area where most drivers are forced to be aggressive. They could even involuntarily cause an accident, when another driver misinterprets their actions and expects them to dart out of an intersection at a greater speed.


When talking to your teen about these issues, it’s important to have a gentle tone, and to be calm but firm. Ask them what their concerns are about driving faster, and present them with the situation and the risks as they are.  If you teen will listen better to an instructor at a Lakewood driving school think about signing them up, as it will be worth it.


While it’s not easy to hear criticism, sometimes it’s unavoidable. However, as long as you talk to them in a way that encourages them to try a new approach, you’re home free.