Should Your Teen Change Their Own Car Oil?

New Drive Car Maintenance Tips Every driver should know, at least theoretically, the routine operations that must be performed regularly. But if they want to deal with any of them on their own, they need to also become familiar with the practical details as taught in the Denver driving schools throughout the city.

Changing the oil is not a very hard operation, but before your teen does this on their own, you have to teach them to follow some very important steps that will ensure the perfect engine operation and not allow them to proceed before they have change the oil a few times in your presence or under the supervision or another adult who knows this process well.

The most important step is to teach your teen to identify the right type of oil. So, let them know where to look for the recommendations made by the car manufacturer, or make sure they have a minimum of 4 liters of oil in the car`s luggage compartment.

Other things needed in the process:

  • A large container to be used for draining the existing oil
  • A funnel
  • A piece of cloth
  • A set of tubular keys
  • A set of hex keys
  • Oil Filter Removal Key
  • New oil bath cap
  • Gloves, but not latex gloves, because the oil dissolves them

If your teen knows already the operations that must be performed to change the oil, then they can do it on their own. The process does not take longer than an hour.