Staying Calm When Driving With Your Teen

Just Breathe Teen Driving Lessons

Some parents freak out very quickly for all kind of reasons. When it comes to driving with their teen in order to teach them how to drive or simply supervise what they have learned in school driving, some of their reactions might be a little justifiable. After all, they are in a two-ton machine driven by a first-time driver who may not be so prepared to make the most reasonable decisions.

However, there are ways to stay calm even when diving with your teen.

Start with basic things

Take your teen to an empty parking lot and spend several hours there, parking between the lines, accelerating, slowing down etc. If the basics are properly mastered, your child will be more confident in traffic and your blood pressure will stay low.

Remember to calm down

Do not give in to your anxiety, because if you do that while your teen is driving, you will only project your anxiety on them. Just teach them, tell them to slow down, watch out etc., but without screaming or freaking out.

Stay in the front seat passenger, not in the back seat

Staying in the back seat will only amplify your feeling of lacking control and make you even more anxious.  For better results, have your teen take driving classes through