Talking to Your Teenager About Night Driving – How Important Is It?

Paying Attention While Driving At Night

Night driving is often a sensitive topic, especially for those who have bad eyesight. It can also be a sensitive subject for teenagers and beginning drivers, who just don’t have so much practice yet. If your teenager is planning a trip at night, it’s very important to talk to them about keeping safe, for a number of reasons:


  • Nighttime driving requires better eyesight. The visibility is far worse than during the day, and it’s hard to even see what’s immediately up ahead most of the time. If your teen doesn’t have perfect vision, or if her vision deteriorated in the past few days, it’s important to take a few test drives with her to make sure that everything is all right.
  • When you drive at night, you also have to be a lot more attentive as the driving schools in Denver teach new drivers, as well as older. There are other cars on the road, and at night, drivers usually think they can get away with a lot more than during the day. So preventive driving is crucial in order to avoid stray pedestrians jumping out of nowhere or drunk drivers thinking they own the road.
  • Finally, it’s essential to talk to your teen about driving and texting or talking on the phone. This issue is especially important during the night, because driving and texting can be even more dangerous. So make sure your teen understands the full extent of the dangers involved and why they should avoid that particular activity.