Talking with Your Teen About Car Accidents – How Should You Approach the Issue?

Parent Reassuring Teenager About Driving

Car accidents are always an upsetting matter, and most teens who are just now starting out with their driving lessons will prefer to avoid even thinking about it, if at all possible. However, as a responsible parent, you will have to take the initiative and talk to them about it, so they know precisely what to do.


The approach, however, shouldn’t be one based on fear, especially when dealing with a particularly sensitive and empathic teenager. Instead, it’s important to focus on facts and avoid adjectives such as “really bad” outcomes or “horrific” accidents, which will just work to scare your child, instead of making them think logically and responsibly.


The idea is to stress empowerment. When they know that they are in control, and that they can use preventive measures and avoid practices such as talking on the phone while driving, in order to avoid an accident, their level of confidence will increase. As a result, the only approach that makes sense is a calm and composed one, where you break down what needs to be done, and avoid the negative talk of all the gory details of what could happen if things go terribly wrong.


Conditioning teenagers through positive reinforcement and empowerment through driving classes Denver area is the surest way to give them the tools they need in order to make all the right decisions once they leave the driveway and head out on the road.