Talking With Your Teen About Driving Lessons

Talk With Teen Regarding Driving School

If your teen has announced that he/she wants to learn to drive and intends to get a driving license, you must start some serious discussions about a driver`s responsibilities. In fact, these discussions should be initiated much sooner, at an early age, as they are part of a good education that encourages preventive and responsible behavior.

When you consider your teen ready enough to start a few practical lessons, make sure you have the time to teach your child the basic notions about driving and to keep an eye on him/ her permanently.

Although it’s not always easy, avoid getting upset or talking down to your teen. Use questions instead of admonition, to help him/ her learn more easily. For example, instead of shouting “Slow down, you will get a speed ticket!” ask “What is the speed limit here?”

Start slow and keep building up. Talk about the importance of being calm and focused on the road, as well as of being constantly aware of what happens around you, on all four sides of the car, as this is the only way to drive safely.

Knowing the driving rules is essential, but it is not enough to be safe while you drive. You must also learn to drive smartly and defensively.  Start with having your teen attend a driving school in Lakewood to obtain the driving hours needed and the experience to get their license.