Talking With Your Teen About Driving With Their Friends In The Car

Statistics show that car accidents are the main cause of death among young people. Here comes the role of the parents who have to constantly talk with their children and make them responsible to drive cautiously, even when they are with their friends in the car and feel like pushing the limits. Responsibility is that quality that sometimes makes the difference between life and death.

We thought to make a top of the most useful advice for teen drivers, and encourage them to take driving lessons Orange County instructors offer:

  1. Ignore your phone while you are driving

Speaking on the phone while driving is a very bad idea that causes terrible accidents every day. The world we live in is full of technology and every driver now has a cell phone. The advice you can give your child is to never speak on the phone or send text messages when driving.

  1. Do not forget to wear the safety belt

The safety belt can save lives!

  1. No alcohol when driving

Alcohol can affect you in ways you may not even realize. You stop thinking clearly, you do not have the same perception or reflexes, so alcohol is never acceptable when you drive. And no, the excuse “it`s just one glass” doesn`t work.

  1. Don`t speed up excessively

Young people tend to show off when they are with their friends and may press the acceleration more than necessary. Attention, however, speed is the most common cause of accidents.