Talking with Your Teen About Slamming on Brakes

Talk With Teen About Driving

Slamming on the brakes is a reflex that many drivers, especially beginner, teen drivers have – a normal reaction and a reflex to a road situation perceived as dangerous. However, acting instinctually and jumping on the brake can in itself cause a dangerous situation – the car behind you might not be aware of the danger that you see and might not be able to stop maintaining a healthy distance from your car.

There are many topics that should be discussed while you are helping your teen driver acquire the road experience he or she needs for driving responsibly, braking techniques being among the most important subjects. You should tell your teen driver not only about how to use the car’s brakes safely and correctly, but also about what happens when the brakes are activated impulsively. You should also illustrate what you say – find a large, empty parking lot and accelerate the car, then slam on the brakes to show your teen what it feels like, then allow your teen to do the same. While you accompany your teen as he or she is driving in traffic, try to point out the dangerous situations that you notice and speak about how the dangers can be avoided – it is a great way of making your child a responsible driver.  Also consider one of the recommended Colorado Springs driving schools for your teen to attend.