Talking With Your Teen About Winter Road Trips

Snow Driving Lessons Before Road Trip To Snow Country

Winter conditions are quite difficult for car traffic, and if your teen has just taken the driving license and still has no experience, you are most certainly worried about their safety. Talking with your teen about winter road trips and explaining the essentials is very important.

First of all, considering that during this season it is possible that parts of the road get covered by snow or ice, drivers must reduce the regular speed, both inside and outside localities, to be able to stop safely when they need to. If the road is slippery, one must use the engine brake to slow down, instead of pressing the brake. Also, in order to be able to stop safely when the vehicle in front of you is braking suddenly, the driving distance must be increased.

Even if the road is dry, you may encounter portions where there is a risk of ice formation, therefore make sure that the vehicle is equipped with winter tires.

In the conditions of heavy traffic and stormy winter weather, drivers may encounter temporary road blockages. It is important to keep calm, respect the traffic rules and avoid making mistakes that would jam the traffic even more.  For those taking driving classes in Orange County and then traveling to places like Colorado, should take extra measures to learn how to drive in the snow.

In the event of a breakdown, the warning triangles should be placed at a greater distance from the vehicle than under normal circumstances, if atmospheric conditions reduce visibility.