Talking with Your Teen Driver About How Traffic Jams Get Started

Traffic Jam

Traffic jams are quite common in the busiest streets of America. Whether you live in LA, Denver, New York or Chicago, a lot of times traffic jams can be seen to arise without any apparent reason. However, reasons exist, and the drivers who are in the middle of it all are usually beginners just like your teenager.


Traffic jams can happen for a number of different reasons. Either a driver who was changing lanes got stuck between two other cars and couldn’t move, blocking the rear traffic as well, a beginning driver made a wrong maneuver and ended up on a lane where they tried to force an illegal move and got stuck, or there was a mild car crash that damaged one driver’s vehicle and prevented him/her from moving the car out of the way before other cars got stuck in traffic behind them.  The driving school in Orange County instills driving etiquette to students and shows them how to avoid causing the things that lead to traffic jams.


Regardless of the reason, the culprit is usually lack of attention, rushing into traffic or a lack of confidence in one’s driving abilities.


When you talk to your teen about these reasons, it’s important to be as delicate but also as forthcoming, encouraging and informative as possible. You will want to present them with the facts, without making them feel like they will cause a traffic jam the first time they sit in a car. This positive approach will help them understand everything without feeling uneasy, and might even help them prevent or avoid traffic jams once they get behind the wheel.